This guide allows you start download from usenet for free using free-usenet free subscription. This subscription does not require any personal info, has great (3100+ days) retention, allows you download more than 10GB traffic daily. It is completely free.
  1. Download and install one of popular free usenet downloaders: BinBar for Windows, nzbget or sabnzbd
  2. Create free Free-Usenet account, login, and generate free subscription on this page
  3. Configure your usenet downloader: go to Settings->Newsservers->Add and add new server using your free subscription credentials. You need set these fields: server hostname, port (check "ssl" if you use secure port), username, password, connections count. You can hit "Test connection" button. You should see "connection successfull" message.
  4. Save your configuration and restart your usenet downloader
  5. Find any .NZB file. Go to one of free usenet indexer ( or or any other), create free account, login, find any content using search system or categories, download corresponding .NZB file.
  6. Turn back to your usenet downloader. Open downloaded .NZB file using it. Download should start automatically.